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Welcome to Wheels for Waggers!
We are a North Carolina based company committed to building custom mobility products for dogs, cats, and other animals.
We know firsthand how difficult it is to watch a beloved pet struggle to get around, and miss out on walks and other family/pack activities. The idea for Wheels for Waggers was born out of necessity when our good friend Daisy the Beagle became suddenly paralyzed. We knew how important it was to her and our other dogs to have "pack bonding" by going for daily walks together. We also saw how withdrawn and depressed Daisy became when we were forced to leave her at home due to her inability to walk. She desperately missed the sights and smells of the outdoor world.

We tried several ideas and designs before arriving at the DaisyRocket design. The DaisyRocket has been invaluable in allowing Daisy to rejoin the pack and get back out and about in the world.

Our products are completely customizable, limited only by the scope of your imagination! If you miss walks with your best friend, don't delay - order one today!

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